18. ~SOUNDINGS~: PART 4 – The Interventions 18th Essay – The Man

by Frank L. Jordan III

18. The Man

Christ at 33; painting by Heinrich Hofmann


The Man

~  ~  ~

Once his people were well established,

     God sought to provide the ultimate expression

          of himself—

          by becoming a human being.

This meant finding the purest vehicle for such a birth,

     for it was only through such a vehicle

          that this ultimate act could take place.

It took centuries,

     but when the ultimate vehicle was found—was born—

          she made it possible by her very presence

          for God to become human.


For she yearned for such a reality,

     yearned with all her heart,

          and like when life itself was born on Earth,

          God met her in her yearning.

God met Mary in her purity and yearning,

     and a child was conceived.


And that child would become the ultimate,

     the very ultimate manifestation of Pure Love.

Mary, betrothed to Joseph,

     but untouched by him or any other man,

          would conceive Jesus.

And a new light would fill the earth.


For Jesus would become the vehicle

     through which God’s ultimate power

          would be made known to humanity.

The very personhood of God was contained in his flesh—

     for God and Jesus were one.


Jesus came proclaiming

     that the Kingdom of God was at hand,

          and urged people to reform their lives

          and join together in that community.

He told story after story

     depicting what that Kingdom was like.

It was like a mustard seed,

     a pearl of great price,

          a lost coin,

          or a lost son, found.


Jesus did wonderful acts, magnificent deeds,

     like making the blind to see,

          curing the sick, enabling the lame to walk,

          offering forgiveness for people’s sins,

               and raising the dead.

He did these great works,

not only through his connection with God as Spirit,

          but also through the faith of those afflicted.

For it is a person’s faith that meets God partway

     in the miracles of life,

          and in Jesus’ day

          those meetings were more easily made.


I know this from experience.

For as I remember a time of heartache in my life,

     and then a conversion of love and joy—

          of God’s power as I felt compassion

          for my children, their mother—

               now I know only a hollowness, a numbness,

               an emptiness that I never knew existed.

And yet I still have faith in God,

     in Jesus’ power to heal,

          because like the man born blind and made to see,

          I have felt his healing love before.


Just not now,

     and I don’t know why,

          for I cry out daily,

          but have become burnt-out emotionally

               none the less.


But I don’t blame God.

     I don’t blame Jesus.

I believe whatever barriers there are

     between God and me,

          are within me.


And I still believe in the exalted way.

*  *  *