17. ~SOUNDINGS~: PART 4 – The Interventions 17th Essay – The Chosen

by Frank L. Jordan III

17. The Chosen

Photo courtesy of MathKnight and Zachi Evenor


The Chosen

~  ~  ~

Of all of the known phenomena

     to emerge within the universe,

          none better or more highly reflects

          God’s very essence than that of personality,

               lower animal as well as human.

For the essence of God’s Self is personhood,

     with all of its countless, multifaceted aspects.

And life, deriving from God its reality—

     its ability to change and grow being empowered by God—

          has emerged over billions of years

          from single-celled organisms

               with precious little, if any, personhood,

               to majestic animals and noble humans

                    brimming with personhood—

                    the light of intelligence and emotion

                         shining through their eyes.


Personhood within the natural world

     is expressed more deeply when a living being

          is able to experience the full potential

          of the qualities that they possess

               as an individual member of a species,

               primarily the lower animal and human species.

Personhood within God is always expressed deeply

     because he, because she is the very beingness of life,

          who always experiences the full potential

          of the qualities that he, that she possesses,

               as the one true Source of potential itself,

               of qualities themselves.


It is when God’s personhood within the spiritual realm

     is attempting to press through and be made manifest

          in this world that the contention begins,

          that the conflict arises.

It is because God’s power and presence

     is only partially expressed at this time

that evil persons are empowered to live and thrive,

          but are not enlightened enough to base their lives

               on goodness and truth.

Every good person occasionally harms others

     because there is some aspect of their personality

          that is blocked off from God’s light,

          that maybe wasn’t allowed to fully develop.

And the greatest aid to God’s love

     breaking through in a person’s life

          is the kindness and support of a healthy,

          nurturing family.


For God in his, in her all-knowing wisdom

     has collaborated with countless species over time

          to bring about the wondrous reality of the family—

          lower animal, human, and often (through adoption)

                a combination of the two.

Once the reality of family was established

     and civilization began,

          God was ever seeking to express his, express her will,

          presence, and power to and through humanity.

This meeting between God and humanity

     manifested itself in many forms, all over the globe.

Primitive religions sprang up and evolved

     as experiences of God deepened.


But these religions,

     with their concepts of gods and more gods,

          fell short of the actual reality

          of just who God was—and is.


That is, until the Hebrew people arrived on the scene.

The Jews had a unique desire to know God

     for who he truly was,

          instead of who they wanted him to be.

And Pure Love responded.

God spoke through human mouthpieces,

     enacted miracles through human agencies—

          for a miracle must have a human consciousness,

          a human agency to work through,

               to appear through.

This is why one doesn’t see miracles occurring

     among the lower animals,

          because the lower animal consciousness

          is not capable of being a vehicle for such an activity,

               at least at this time.


God’s voice rang out through the Hebrew prophets,

     with their exhortations and lamentations.

King David was lifted up as a poignant example

     of the servant, turned adulterer,

          then made a better servant again.

God, the author of truth and beauty,

     expressed his oneness, truthfulness, and beauty

          through a people that desired truth

          above their own personal vision of the truth,

               thus receiving it.

And so, the highest example of the people of God

     in ancient times was the Jewish people—

          with their promised land of Israel,

          and their great city, Jerusalem.


And they remained the deepest expression

     of God’s people …

          for a time.

*  *  *