14. ~SOUNDINGS~: PART 3 – The Obstacles | 14th Essay – Disease

by Frank L. Jordan III

14. Disease

Photo courtesy of Podzemnik



~  ~  ~

From the dawn of human consciousness,

     disease has confounded the hearts and minds

          of the people of this world.

Once an ailment was identified

     as a source of suffering and death,

          it was justifiably considered the enemy

          of humankind.

Over scores of centuries, the face and name of that enemy

     has changed as our understanding

          of just what disease is has changed.

What was once attributed to evil spirits

     or to their evil lord, Satan,

          is now understood to be caused by certain bacteria,

          hostile viruses, malnutrition,

               overexposure to occupational hazards,

               environmental pollutants, and mutating cancers—

                    or is sometimes rooted in the very recesses

                    of one’s genetic material.


Although modern knowledge of disease

     has dispensed with many superstitious notions

          once held by our ancestors—

          and still held by a few primitive communities today—

               it has not totally unraveled the deepest mysteries

               of many illnesses and why they exist.

For instance, many diseases are caused by living,

     breathing microscopic organisms,

          but it is my understanding that all life

          originates from God.

If God loves us and wants to protect us from harm,

     why does he enable so many hostile organisms

          to live and thrive—organisms that can infect the bodies

          of higher, more developed life forms,

               causing suffering and sometimes death?

What is God’s relationship to such microscopic species?


The existence of microscopic organisms—

     both hostile and benign—

          is evidence of a principle that touches on many areas

          concerning the relationship between our God

               and life on this planet.

That principle is that if the need

     to live and thrive is strong enough,

          genuine and authentic enough,

          God will empower any life form to exist.

Because God, the very Source of life,

     would fulfill any and every authentic need to live.

The fact that a life form is unjustifiably hostile

     and destructive to other, higher life forms

          seems to have little bearing on this principle—

          this basic granting of life.

God rains life-giving power on the just and unjust alike.

What purposes a species engages in during their lifetime

     is then up to them.

Often, those purposes are openly hostile

     to other more highly evolved species.

So when a destructive strain of bacteria or a virus

     infects a lower animal or a human,

          that particular infected being becomes diseased,

          suffers often debilitating symptoms,

               and sometimes dies.


This process of contracting an infectious disease

     can awaken within us a powerful need of our own—

          a need to once again become healthy and whole.

This is a need that our loving God

     can and often does fulfill through healing.

For the alleviation of our pain and suffering from infections,

     and yes, any other diseases for that matter,

          is justifiable cause for the vanquishing

          of any hostile microbe, mutating cell,

               or genetic defect.

It is God’s will that we always succeed

     in the battles against diseases that would harm

          and sometimes kill us,

          and kill the animals (and even the plants)

               entrusted to our care.


But obviously we don’t always succeed

     in our battles against disease.

Sometimes we suffer devastating damage.

Sometimes we die or our loved ones die.




Because God’s will and healing power

     is matched up against the intrinsic powers

          of organisms existing and circumstances occurring

          within a universe that is perpetually deriving from God,

               a universe that has significant powers of its own—

               being an unfolding, progressing manifestation

                    of God himself,

                    of God herself.

Some of these organisms and circumstances

     resulting in diseases are more readily influenced

          by the healing power of Pure Love,

          and some are less so.

And some diseases, probably all diseases,

     can be more readily influenced and overcome

          by God’s will and power through our cooperation

          and collaboration with him, with her

               in this tremendous undertaking.

Actually, it is our supreme purpose,

     as God’s crowning achievements and achievers,

          to work in harmonious accord with Pure Love

          to bring about the eradication of every disease.

This is done in a number of ways.


First, throughout the evolution

     of the many species of this world,

          God has answered the inner needs of each species

          to protect themselves from diseases

               by enabling them to develop an interior defense—

               an immunological system.

This has empowered each species currently existing

     to survive as a whole,

          although individual plants, lower animals, and humans

          still contract or develop diseases sporadically,

               sometimes epidemically.

Being the sensitive, empathetic creatures

     that we human beings are,

          witnessing the majority of our race

          and other species survive

               while a minority suffers and sometimes dies

               holds little consolation.

The afflicted must be helped,

     and it is through this compassion that humankind

          is empowered to help and heal them.


So secondly, the ability to prevent diseases

     and treat those afflicted has been developed

          within humanity through the medical sciences.

For thousands of years, men and women

     have experimented with the substances of the Earth

          to bring about treatments and cures.

Using their imaginations

     and their thirst for healing knowledge,

          physicians throughout history have built upon

          previous successes to arrive at the intricate,

               specialized, and highly advanced arena

               of modern medicine.

And God has been, not only with them,

     but within them every step of the way.


God has also been with, and continues to be with,

     all of those who pray for healing,

          who meditate for healing.

Prayer and meditation are the necessary states of mind

     a person must have in order to transfer or receive

          God’s cleansing, healing power.

For prayer quiets the mind and engages the will

     in a powerful combination of spiritual activity,

          enabling one to experience and articulate

          their deepest needs—to enter that secret, inner place

               where God is most accessible.

Meditation achieves much the same result,

     focusing the mind through the exclusion

          of outward distractions,

          laying the mental foundation

               for a deeper renewal.

And those masters of these arts

     are much valued persons within the healing arena,

          much akin to physicians and their assistants.


The closer all types of healers become,

     and the more they learn from one other

          and rely on one another,

          the closer we all grow to God, and in God.

For the desire to heal,

     the intuition and imagination needed

          to successfully experiment—the courage to try—

          are qualities near and dear to the very heart and mind

               of our kind and loving God.

That is why healers are so precious to Pure Love,

     who is the Source of all healing.

And the avenues of healing leading out of that Source

     are varied and true.


But the truest of them is the exalted way,

     which when embraced

          can inspire the afflicted, empower the healer,

          and disperse the affliction—

               thus healing the body, while purifying the heart,

               and rescuing the mind.

*  *  *