13. ~SOUNDINGS~: PART 3 – The Obstacles | 13th Essay – Accidents

by Frank L. Jordan III

13. Accidents

Photo courtesy of Richard Croft



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 Fewer words encompass a wider range

     of happenings in this world than that of accident.

And although it is possible for an accident

     to have an immediate positive result,

          the vast majority of accidents result in some form

          of suffering and even death.

A closer look at the nature of that broad range

     of phenomena known as the accidental

          will shed some light on just why.


For an accident to occur there is usually an interplay

     between three particular realities.

The strength or significance of each of these realities

     really determines what kind of accident has occurred,

          and even to what degree an event

          can be called an accident.

There must be a purposeful subject

     affected by an event containing an element of chance,

          an event for which someone or something shares

          a degree of responsibility—

               a degree of responsibility, no matter how small,

               for that event occurring.

The more responsibility someone or something shares

     for an event occurring,

          the less that event can be called an accident,

          and, depending on whether the occurrence

               has a negative outcome—

               which the vast majority of them do—

                    the more that event can be regarded as a crime.


What’s meant by a purposeful subject is a being,

     place, or thing brought into existence

          through purposeful means.

The more profoundly evolved the being,

     the more highly developed the place,

          and the more skillfully crafted the thing,

          the more purpose surrounds the subject’s very existence.

And the more purpose that permeates

     a being, place, or thing,

          the more God is involved in their existence—

          and the more concern he has for their future.


For God is the weaver of purpose

     and the author of concern.

He strives, every moment, to bring

     more and more loving purpose

          into our world and this universe.

In a world that at its basic level has its share

     of randomness and chaos,

          Pure Love—as a guiding force—works diligently

          in collaboration with nature

               to bring about more and more highly refined

               strains of purpose,

                    and more harmonious avenues of order.


This is easily witnessed in the great systems of this world,

     systems of culture, politics, entertainment, recreation,

          fine arts, mathematics, religion, philosophy,

          medicine, science, industry, technology—

               and the list goes on and on.

If you can name it, God can claim it,

     claim it as an endeavor of divine concern—

          an endeavor in which he, in which she is willing

          to contend with the harshest realities

               to help bring to its deepest fruition,

               its highest vision.

And one of these harsh realities

     is the realm of the accidental.


God does not cause or will accidents to happen,

     but no one understands better

          why they do happen than God.

The key ingredient behind the occurrence of an accident

     is randomness, is chance—

          something or someone being in the wrong place

          at the wrong time, for little or no reason.

God, who is divinely aware of every situation,

     understands perfectly all of the circumstances

          surrounding any accident.

But the very natures of randomness and chance

     make them realities that are particularly removed

          from God’s influence and control.

They are realities that are not guided

     by the purposes of life,

          so they are not engaged in the protection of life.

The randomness and chance behind accidents

     simply are, simply exist—

          for they are the most basic of consequences

          in a universe where different things, places,

               and beings affect each other.


And along with God not directly causing

     any accident to happen,

          he also doesn’t want loss, injury, or death

          to occur to anyone as the result of an accident.

But these things happen—

     sometimes to people we love, sometimes to us.


Why doesn’t God keep them from happening?


Because the way that God, that Pure Love and Spirit

     directly interacts with this world

          is not the kind of way that manipulates

          physical objects like you or I would.

And this is not a matter of choice on God’s part.

It is simply the way things are—

     the reality of how God guides and influences

          this unfolding manifestation of Ultimate Reality.

But just because it is the nature of things for God

     not to directly intervene in a situation

          in the same way as a physical being would

          does not mean that there aren’t ways

               that God impacts an event with his power,

               influence, care, and concern.

This includes an event that is considered an accident.


Before an accident occurs,

     God is totally aware of the circumstances

          leading up to its potential occurrence.

God knows if an object or machine is about to malfunction,

     because he is aware of every molecule of its structure.

If a human being or lower animal is about to be

     in the wrong place at the wrong time,

          God knows this, also.

And it is God’s will that we too have this information.

But for the most part we are not sufficiently attuned

     to the whisperings of the Spirit

          to receive such warnings.


“Why not give a louder or clearer warning?” one might ask.


God gives the clearest, loudest warnings possible.

It’s just that the interaction between God pressing through

     into the natural world, into our minds,

          is culminated in the act of intuition—

          a subtle, inner spiritual whispering.

And it is through this medium that warnings

     of future accidents are given and received—

          received, that is, by those few persons

          who are developed or gifted enough

               to intuit and understand them.

When one receives images of a potential accident

     in a dream or vision,

          it should be nurtured and taken seriously,

          for it could be God attempting to warn someone

               of possible harm or of a premature death.


It is God’s will that we and those we love,

     lower animal as well as human,

          be spared the devastating effects of accidents,

          and go on to live happy and healthy lives.

This is why the practice of safety

     is such a valued and vital quality within the human race.

We have come to a deeper understanding

     of how certain realities of this world

          can sometimes interact in such a way

          as to bring about a heightened risk

               of possible accidents.

Safety and caution are God-given qualities

     implanted within us to better protect ourselves,

          our families, and our environments.

These two allies have served us well, and continue to do so,

     helping us to avoid much harm and tragedy in our lives.


But obviously accidents can still happen, and when they do,

     when God’s cherished ones are hurt or even killed,

the care and concern that he, that she has for all involved

          can be seen and felt.

Look at how those surviving the accidents of life

     are supported,

          how they are often surrounded

          by compassionate people,

               and nurtured until they are healed.

See how those who do not survive

     are so deeply mourned, honored,

          and remembered over the years.

These life-affirming happenings are inspired by love,

     by the very personification of love—our caring God.

They are evidence that even in the darkest times

     of existence God is with us,

          and with those who have gone before us.


But as has already been stated,

     there is an exalted way to join with God,

          a way that can warn us of impending disaster,

          deal effectively with it as it is occurring,

               heal the living, and honor the dead

               when the worst occurs.

This way joins the full power of God

     with the potentialities of humanity,

          resulting in an indestructible force

          for good and healing—

               a force that is anything but forceful,

               taming the world into submission

                    through unfathomable love and tolerance.


But again, it would be premature to go into detail

     about this exalted way before its source is introduced

          in the context of human and divine history.

That can only be done after a clearer understanding

     of some of life’s more hostile elements is achieved.

A deeper knowledge of these hostilities of existence

     is necessary before we can fully appreciate

          the overcoming of them.


To embrace a cure,

     we must first understand the disease.

*  *  *