12. ~SOUNDINGS~: PART 3 – The Obstacles | 12th Essay – Natural Disasters

by Frank L. Jordan III

12. Natural Disasters


Natural Disasters

~  ~  ~

No one understands better than God

     just why natural disasters occur,

          and how they can cause human beings to suffer,

          become injured, or even die.

No one longs more deeply than God

     that we be spared these sufferings,

          injuries, or deaths.


When a devastating hurricane or typhoon makes landfall,

     wreaking untold damage to life and property,

          when a tremendous earthquake

          levels massive buildings and buries people alive,

               when unceasing rains cause flash floods

               that drown people in their tracks,

                    and mudslides that engulf whole towns,

                    when unrelenting draught

                         causes the lushest farmlands

                         to become parched and the mightiest of rivers

                         to dwindle down to a mere stream,

                              leaving people and wildlife to scramble

                              for a few precious drops of water,

                              when renegade lightning

                                   strikes dried-out trees or brush,

                                   causing furious wildfires

                                   that know no boundaries

                                        and take no prisoners …

                                        God is watching, knowing,

                                        understanding perfectly

                                        exactly why these phenomena occur.


And why wouldn’t he?

The basic ingredients that make up these events

     are elements, compounds, and processes

          that have been a part of this world,

          played a part in its shaping,

               since the dawn of time.

They are intimately woven in the very fabric

     of an existence consisting of earth, wind,

          water, lightning, and fire.

They are the rawest of happenings,

     elements, energies, and compounds

          whipped into a blind frenzy by powerful forces

          that are mostly natural—

               rarely, but sometimes, humanly induced.

But even though such occurrences have been a part

     of this world for a long time,

          even though they might have benefited

          this planet’s development along the way,

               it is not God’s will that we humans should suffer,

               become injured, or die prematurely

                    because they occur.

On the contrary, it is God’s will that all people be spared

     the ill effects of any natural disaster.


Is this surprising?

Is it surprising to expect this of he who is Pure Love,

     of she who is pure knowledge imbued with love,

          which is Wisdom?


We are at the summit of God’s creative efforts.

Is it any wonder that God wants us to be safe and secure,

     wants us to be spared the shifting ground,

          whirling wind, or lightning strike?


God loves you!

God wants the environment to nurture you,

     not do you harm.

So if a powerful natural event

     does bring disaster into your life,


          God doesn’t want you or those you hold dear

               to suffer loss, be hurt, or die as a result of it.

Just because we are wounded by nature’s hand

     does not mean that God wills us to be wounded.

Actually, the opposite is true.

It is God’s will that we be spared from harm.

In some ways and at some times, this does happen,

     and obviously, in other ways and at other times,

          it does not.




First, it’s important to understand that God

     is doing everything in his, in her power to keep us

          from the harm that is brought about

          by natural catastrophes.

There is no lack of effort, love, care, or concern

     on God’s part.

But once again, God’s will and work is in contention

     with some of the circumstances that occur

          within this realm—

          a realm that we more and more delicately refer to

               as the unfolding manifestation of God,

               the emerging collaboration of nature with God.

(This idea must be becoming more anticipated,

     more recognizable, and more easily applicable.)


Remember, God’s influence is being exerted

     in its fullness at this very moment, at every moment.

That is the very essence of Pure Love—

     to offer everything, to withhold nothing.

The awareness of this fact,

     which might initially seem to be

          placing limitations on God,

          in reality reveals the true worth and significance

               of this universe as God’s manifestation.

This idea, like many ideas in this book,

     is aimed at gaining a deeper understanding

          of the full implications of what it means

          for something or someone to participate

               in our wonderful God manifesting himself, herself—

               through space and over time.


Different phenomena participate

     in this awesome process in different ways.

Some types of phenomena are by their very natures

     more susceptible to God’s direct influence than others.

A general rule would be that the more fully alive,

     the more deeply aware a body is,

          the more capable it is of experiencing the power

          and love and influential guidance of God.


That’s why the body of, say, a hurricane or tornado

     is minimally influenced by God’s direct power.

That’s why these phenomena can cause

     so much devastation to the environment and to our lives,

          when it is God’s will

          that we not be harmed or killed by them.

So in order to help bring about

     God’s purposes and work in these matters,

          we must seek to cooperate and collaborate

          more fully with our Protector.

This is done in different ways.


From the ancient days when a person would look

     to the reddened sky at dawn,

          and begin preparations for the coming storm,

          to our modern times when Doppler radar

               can track a hurricane from its origins

               to its dissipation,

                    humans have used their increasing powers

                    of observation to better protect themselves,

                         their families, and their communities.

With the advent of scientific procedures,

     our ability to monitor and predict natural disasters

          has grown in leaps and bounds.

The intelligence, innovation, and inventiveness

     with which our human race devises ways

          to better observe the environment

          is achieved by collaborating with God and God’s will.


For untold centuries we have yearned

     to better observe and understand our environment,

          and God has met our yearnings by giving us

          the power to increase our abilities to do so.

Science has been one of our most loyal helpmates,

     for science seeks only to discover the truth

          about phenomena through objective observation

          and experimentation.

So science is the patient revealer

     of the workings of the universe,

          and it can lead us to the sustaining power

          behind the universe, which is Pure Love.


Another possible way that we humans

     can more fully cooperate with God

          against natural disasters is through intuitive activity.

It is true that authentic psychic phenomena is rare,

     but its rarity does not make it any less real or possible.

The rarity of intuitive activity points to the fact

     that it is an emerging practice,

          that humans are slowly gaining the ability to perceive

          hidden or distant realities intuitively.

And one particular area of intuitive perception

     is the prediction of natural disasters.


When a natural disaster is about to occur, like an earthquake,

          God is perfectly aware of the brewing catastrophe.

If a person is substantially intuitively sensitive,

     God can and will communicate this awareness

          to him or her.

As the tensions of this looming disaster build up,

     then it becomes more and more possible to predict

          through intuitive means

          the approximate time it will occur.

Although very rare, this emerging process

     of predicting and preparing for natural disasters

          holds great promise for the future.


But there is a nobler, more exalted method

     of joining efforts with God against natural disasters—

          a way that truly holds the greatest hope for the future.

It is a way that cannot only predict such events,

     but can even alter them in their courses.

It is the deepest form of collaboration with God,

     through the purest means,

          and achieving the most effective results.


In order to discuss this in depth,

     the particular source and medium

          of this exalted way must be understood deeply

          in the context of derivism,

               within the arena of human history,

               and in relation to the divine plan and struggle

                    for Creation’s liberation,

                    liberation from forces that would harm

                         the universe’s highest known aspect—

                         namely, civilization.


But first things first.


A deepened understanding of the relationship

     between our purposeful God

          and some of this world’s more chaotic happenings

          is necessary before we can adequately explore

               this exalted way,

               and realize just how full of purpose and meaning

                    this way was and is

                    and how it comes to us

                         by no accident.

*  *  *