5. ~SOUNDINGS~: PART 1 – The Essentials | 5th Essay – Humanity

by Frank L. Jordan III

5. Humanity

Photo courtesy of Denish C (a Flickr user)



~  ~  ~

There is within this unfolding manifestation of God,

     the natural universe,

          a strain of life which is very close to God’s essence.

From the moment life was born on Earth,

     the potential for this strain existed and began to develop,

          soon coursing its way through natural history.

Being close to the very Spirit of Pure Love,

     this life sought the highest expression—

          seeking ever to improve, to be improved,

          to experience God’s love and approval.


Where other life forms evolved to the summit

     of becoming the species currently found today,

          and were content before God,

          this life form was never fully content—

               never fully satisfied or at rest

               until it rested in the precious power

                    and love and knowledge of God.

This strain of life moved through the primates,

     alongside the ancestors of the great apes,

          but did not stop there.

Turning to God for its survival,

     development, and expression,

          with all the power of its unique yearning,

          this species was empowered by God

               to best reflect Pure Love in the universe—

               reflect God’s intelligence, emotions, sexuality,

                    protectiveness, creativity, language,

                    memory, inventiveness, productivity,

                         wisdom, humor, mercy …


This life blossomed into humanity, by God’s touch,

     in collaboration with its unique yearning—

          became men and women, of many colors.

And it would seem, they tasted of their destiny.

It would also seem, God saw them as very good.


With the advent of human consciousness in the world,

     there came into existence a great paradox.

The early humans were the first to conceive of God as holy,

     powerful, loving, and all-knowing.

They often experienced God’s presence and love directly.

But they also suffered greatly.

     They felt pain, hunger, fear.

     They knew disease.

     They had accidents.

Sometimes the environment turned against them.

They encountered evil,

     within themselves and among each other.


If God is good,

     if God loved them and wanted to help them, heal them,

          had the power to save them from suffering,

          why were they allowed to suffer?


This is the great paradox—

     imperfect creatures in an imperfect world,

          suffering in the presence of an all-knowing,

          all-loving, and all-powerful God.


And from the earliest of times this paradox

     has caused a multitude of barriers

          to arise within the hearts and minds of humans,

          inner walls between them and God,

               barriers of anger, hurt, shame,

               confusion, and isolation—

                    barriers that have followed humanity

                    into the present day.


The fact is that simply existing as a human being

     is a barrier within itself.

The phenomenon of a bio-physical organism—

     a species that emerged

          from practical nothingness and unknowingness

          to reach the summit of human consciousness—

               is nothing short of a miracle.

But it is a miracle that God has wrestled with over untold eons,

     an emerging miracle that God wrestles with today.


For the human brain truly consists

     of the basic essential elements

          having evolved over millions of years

          into an intricate flesh-web of sensitive gray matter,

               complex chemical compounds,

               and minute electrical discharges.

And when these phenomena are set in motion

     and sustained by a human spiritual entity—

          yes, a spiritual entity deriving from and very close to

          the Ultimate Spiritual Entity which is God—

               then the human brain is a human mind,

               which is really how any human brain

                    comes into existence and is formed anyway,

                    through the activity of a human spiritual entity,

                         derived from God.


Any separation of a human brain and a human mind

     really only takes place when the brain

          is no longer living, no longer functioning.

Before this it is a phenomenon that is truly

     a blending and merging—a human brain-mind.

It is a phenomenon governed by the same processes

     of respiration, digestion, sleep, and reproduction

          that has nurtured life from the beginning.

Yes, the human brain-mind is, barring the discovery

     of a higher extra-terrestrial species,

          the very pinnacle of the natural universe—

          this unfolding manifestation of God.


And God contends with that manifestation.

     God wrestles with it.

For God who is Pure Love, personified,

     God who is pure knowledge imbued with love,

          which is Wisdom,

          God who is equally feminine and masculine,

               perfectly, as is reflected in the universe,

               God who is all-seeing, all-knowing,

                    all-loving, and all-powerful

                    contends with the power of his,

                         of her manifestation—

                         a manifestation that derives its very power

                         and reality from God.


To view this truth as a limitation of our wonderful God

     is a mistaken perception.

The reality of the power of the sacred Spirit of God

     exerted in its fullness upon the natural world,

          resulting in the development of life

          through planetary history,

               and climaxing with the advent of humanity—

               this reality doesn’t limit or lower God,

                    rather it raises the universe

                    to its true significance and worth.


It raises the preciousness of life

     as it is reflected in God’s eyes.

It raises God’s people, every human being,

     to a deeper understanding of their roles

          as collaborators in God’s plan,

          as laborers of God’s love—

               and sometimes, as those in need of special care.


The misconceptions surrounding God’s activity

     in relation to the universe begin when we confuse

          what God’s power actually is

          with what we imagine it to be.

Just because we can imagine God’s power

     being exerted on physical objects

          like an actual hand would be exerted,

          doesn’t mean that God actually works that way.


It seems very possible that the way God works—

     maybe the way God must work

          in accordance with reality—

          is through the hearts and minds

               and limbs of living things,

               that this is the essential avenue

                    through which miracles occur,

                    especially within the human arena.


This belief that God struggles with the natural universe

     in bringing about positive change is called contention,

         and is a vital aspect of derivism.


The awareness of God contending with the universe in general,

     and with the hearts and minds of humans in particular,

          can help us to understand

          why circumstances occur that cause us to suffer—

               why we experience suffering in the first place.


It can help us to understand

     why we experience God the way we do,

          and why we often feel or think

          we aren’t in touch with him,

               aren’t experiencing her,

               much at all.

*  *  *