3. ~SOUNDINGS~: PART 1 – The Essentials | 3rd Essay – Processes

by Frank L. Jordan III

3. Processes

Dissected Lithops plant (site of photosynthesis); photo courtesy of yellowcloud



~  ~  ~

Just as the natural elements,

     comprising a manifestation of God,

          are indispensably what they are,

          so too are many of the phenomena, laws,

               and processes surrounding the elements.

Once life came into existence

     many of these processes began.


One of the first to begin was the process of respiration,

     which at present is the absorption of oxygen

          and the releasing of carbon dioxide by an organism.

On the cellular level, this oxygen is burned

     with various foods to give living cells energy.


Another such process—found in plants, most algae,

     and many forms of bacteria—is photosynthesis,

          which is when these species use energy from sunlight

          to convert carbon dioxide and water into their own food.

Photosynthesis is a process that also causes oxygen

     to be released from these organisms,

          a supply of oxygen that is absolutely necessary

          for them—as well as humans and lower animals—

               to engage in the life-sustaining process of respiration.


Also essential for lower animals and humans to thrive

     is the food stored in many plants and algae,

          for it is with these plants and algae that the food

          lower animals and humans use originates.

It is the consumption of organic nutrients

     such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins,

          and of  inorganic nutrients such as water and minerals,

          that makes up a third process

               surrounding the existence of life—

               a process that must be what it is.


It is through the digestion of such organic nutrients as food

     that a type of fuel—first stored in plants and algae,

          and then transferred through the food chain—

          is supplied to the cells of a lower animal or human.

This fuel is oxidized, slowly burned,

     releasing energy that the body uses

          to perform every kind of motion,

          internally as well as externally—

               even the motions of thoughts,

               the movements of feelings.


Did God, did Pure Love and Wisdom

     (which is pure knowledge imbued with love)

          freely create these life processes out of the blue?

The answer is—not exactly.

It’s possible that respiration, photosynthesis,

     the consumption of all nutrients in general,

          and the digestion of organic nutrients in particular,

          are now, as they were in their beginnings,

               indispensable phenomena deriving

               from realities that life is built upon,

                    such as light, the elements, gravity, time,

                    and the laws that govern them—

                         realities that have to be what they are.


From the moment life came into being,

     respiration had to take place,

          nutrients had to be consumed and digested,

          and photosynthesis had to occur—

               once plants, algae, and bacteria came into existence.

The reality of life existing automatically gave birth

     to the realities of the processes

          that provide life with energy,

          that maintain life and enable it to grow.

And all realities are found in God.


This outlook can be applied to a myriad of life processes.

The reality of sleep is an essential product

     of a living organism.

Where there is life, there is rest

     in the form of the sleep-state.

However, all sleep is not exactly the same.

The sleep of a butterfly is different from human dreaming,

     but the difference is more one of degree than kind.

The sleep of humans must replenish

     the complex human organism—

          the simpler butterfly sleep, butterflies.

However, all sleeping—like eating or drinking or breathing—

     has to be what it is.


And then there’s reproduction.

The differences in consumption and sleeping

     cannot compare to the differences in reproduction.

How can the splitting of an amoeba

     be compared to the procreation of a human—

          beginning with sex between a man and woman,

          and culminating with birth?

Both are acts of reproduction, but both are so different.

The sameness results from the fact

     that both are living organisms.

The differences have to do with the fact

     that both organisms are separated by evolution.

But generally speaking, reproduction must be what it is—

     although some unique characteristics have developed

          because of the needs of particular life forms.


Recapping on some ideas before moving on …


The origin of the universe

     was a basic manifestation of God,

          who is Pure Love.

As a result, early natural phenomena—

     like light, the chemical elements, time,

          and the laws that govern them—

          were what they had to be,

               realities deriving from God,

               who is the Ultimate Reality.

This philosophical outlook is called derivism.


It is the nature of the elements to develop,

     to become more complex.

This yearning to become more is met by God,

     and life is born—through collaboration.


With the existence of life comes life processes

     that are as indispensably what they are

          as the realities of light, the natural elements,

          electromagnetism, gravity,

               and the laws under which they operate.

Some of these life processes are respiration, photosynthesis,

     the consumption and digestion of nutrients, sleep,

          and reproduction.


With this in mind,

     let’s move on to the development of all life

          as we know it

          within the natural universe.

*  *  *