2. ~SOUNDINGS~: PART 1 – The Essentials | 2nd Essay – Collaboration

by Frank L. Jordan III

2. Collaboration

Amoeba image courtesy of Iceclanl



~  ~  ~

Our planet stabilized, was ready for life.

But how did the creation of life occur?

Was it an act of the Creator alone,

     with no input from matter,

          some now more complex?

There is a yearning within that which is manifested

     by Pure Love,

          a yearning to expand,

          to unite in order to become something more.

Like crystallizing minerals, the elements themselves

     yearned to develop.

This is part of the truth of their reality,

     a reality that is derived from God.


As the elements yearned,

     so God met them in their yearning—

          for Pure Love would fulfill every authentic need.

The elements—some now forming more complex molecules—

     yearned to develop, to expand,

          to go where they didn’t know where to go—

          to change, to be transformed,

               to reach out with yearning, in freedom.


The need is deep enough, the desire complete.

God meets complex matter, in freedom,

     imbues it with power—

          and life is born on earth.

For God is the Source of life.

Living cells, having more complex needs—

     to eat, to grow,

          to reproduce, to thrive.

A new phase of Creation is risen from the ashes of the old,

     feeds upon the ashes of the old.


This Creation is more than an act of the Creator alone.

It is more like a collaboration.

That which is manifested by God,

     that which is real and true,

          yearning for that which only God can supply,

          yearning freely, completely,

               and being touched by Love—

               changed, transformed, brought to life.


And this is only the beginning.

*  *  *