1. ~SOUNDINGS~: PART 1 – The Essentials | 1st Essay – Manifestation

by Frank L. Jordan III

1. Manifestation

Crab Nebula image courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech



~  ~  ~

I can’t escape these thoughts when gazing out on Creation,

     on how maybe Creation is a somewhat misleading word,

          implying that nature is the result of an activity

          of the Creator alone,

               when it’s obviously more complicated than that.

So with an open heart and mind, I send out my questions,

     my yearnings for answers,

          like soundings,

          and receive these impressions,

               like echoes from the depths of time.


I believe that God, who is Pure Love,

     first created space, and then tremendous energies.

They moved—and time began.

Eventually, as the universe cooled and expanded,

     these energies condensed into matter,

          becoming the basic chemical elements

          of hydrogen and helium.

Gravity worked on these elements, forming the stars.

Within the cores of these stars,

     thermonuclear fusion bound the nuclei

          of hydrogen and helium into heavier elements,

          which were eventually scattered

               throughout the universe.


God, who is Ultimate Reality and Truth,

     would not bring into existence

          anything less than real or true, it would seem.

With this in mind, could the newly created universe—

     the early space-time continuum—

          have been anything other than it was?

Could the primordial light and elements,

     with their forces of electromagnetism and gravity,

          have been anything other than they were?

God, who is Ultimate Truth, manifests that which is true,

     making the universe, in the beginning,

          a basic manifestation of God.

Is it possible that the universe had to be what it was,

     that it was essential that it be what it was?

The answer to this question is a resounding Yes!


The universe has changed since the beginning.

And theories have been devised to explain these changes—

     some supported by evidence, some not.

Let’s say that our planet did condense, cool, solidify,

     that our oceans and atmosphere

          did gradually form over time.

Were these direct acts of God, who is Pure Love?

Or is it possible they were the essential developments

     of a combination of elements being worked upon

          by gravity, over time—

          natural elements that must be what they are,

               gravity and time being what they must be,

               and all of these being governed by laws

                    that must be what they are,

                    only that which is true

                         being manifested by God, who is the Truth,

                         only that which is real deriving from God,

                         who is the Ultimate Reality?


To embrace these possibilities

     is to embark on the philosophical journey

          of derivism.

*  *  *