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This website is primarily dedicated to the online publication of the ebook, ~SOUNDINGS~: Exploring the Depths of God and the Universe (PRESS 333), which is a collection of verse essays by Frank L. Jordan III. This work introduces the spiritual philosophy of derivism*. Online publication of the complete ebook can be found here.

Access to the paperback and Kindle versions of ~SOUNDINGS~ can be found at www.amazon.com/~Soundings~-Exploring-Depths-God-Universe/dp/0615554628.


JORDANIC DERIVISM  (di`rīv ism),  n.  a philosophy developed by Frank L. Jordan III that has as its core principle the assertion that it was inherently necessary for the fundamental realities of the early universe (e.g., primordial chemical elements, light, gravity, and electromagnetism) to be what they intrinsically were because they derived directly from the Ultimate Reality, which is Pure Love Personified – or God – therefore forming a basic manifestation of God. Furthermore, derivism asserts that the reality behind this principle has impacted and continues to impact the development of the universe.


~SOUNDINGS~ Final Back Cover


From the back cover of ~SOUNDINGS~:

A new discovery has been made about God and the universe.

You’ll find it on page 8 of this book—beginning with a statement, followed by two questions:

God, who is Ultimate Reality and Truth,

     would not bring into existence

          anything less than real or true, it would seem.

With this in mind, could the newly created universe—

     the early space-time continuum—

          have been anything other than it was?

Could the primordial light and elements,

     with their forces of electromagnetism and gravity,

          have been anything other than they were?

Thus begins a spiritual quest, ranging from the dawn of time to the summit of contemporary civilization. Embark on a journey with Frank L. Jordan III as he attempts to unravel some of the oldest known mysteries pertaining to God and the universe—mysteries involving the problem of evil, and of God’s role in connection with death, accidents, natural disasters, and disease. Equipped with a new philosophy called derivism, Jordan methodically chips away at the barriers between us and God, while pointing to a true avenue of healing … an exalted way.

(End of excerpt)

What people are saying about ~SOUNDINGS~

Frank Jordan’s profound struggle to understand God and the world and the reality of evil have brought him to a path very like that of process theology. I congratulate him for finding it on his own. What gives poignancy and power to Jordan’s thinking is the way it has come out of his personal suffering and joy. ~ Dr. John B. Cobb, Jr., process theologian and co-director of the Center for Process Studies

I read it all through in one night. What a strong and lovely and deep sharing! ~ Dr. Pamela Anne Bro, pastor of Living Waters Sanctuary and author of SoulQuest: A Trail Guide to Life

Definitely worth reading. ~ Lawrence William Kozoyed, USN Commander (Ret.) and founder/director of the Institute for Mentoring (+) Science * Art * Spirituality

A must read for any true spiritual seeker. ~ Rev. Nicki Royall Peet, ecumenical minister and author of The Shaman’s Daughter

I have read ~SOUNDINGS~ and I feel Frank Jordan has been able to put into words some Universal Truths from his own experience. ~ Dr. Eleanora Woloy, Jungian analyst and author of The Symbol of the Dog in the Human Psyche: A Study of the Human-Dog Bond


Frank L. Jordan III is an American philosopher and songwriter who studied at Old Dominion University. He had the good fortune of being instructed by Dr. Andrew Tunyogi, the university’s first Chair of the Philosophy Department.

Jordan counts as his main influences Joseph Campbell, Louis Evely, William James, Thomas Merton, Evelyn Underhill, and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. However, the philosophical discoveries that he records in ~SOUNDINGS~ were arrived at primarily through observation, prayer and reflection.

Jordan’s philosophy of derivism was also impacted by a profound conversion experience he underwent in the winter of 1992.


*The philosophy of derivism introduced in ~SOUNDINGS~ is not the religious doctrine found at the website or in the book Derivism: A New Understanding in a New Age. Each author arrived at the term “derivism” independently. The philosophy introduced here is specified as Jordanic derivism.

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